Episode 19

Published on:

1st Feb 2021

Former Industrial Engineer Leveraging Systems To Raise Millions From Investors - Jennifer Maldonado

For the past decade, Jen has been recognized by Fortune's Top 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson and Nestle as a continuous business improvement expert and high-performance leader. She managed and led challenging projects as an engineer resulting in millions of dollars savings in short-time periods. In 2012, she decided to take a leap of faith and changed her career trajectory to become a real estate investor.

As one of the executive leaders and speakers of WREN Inspires (fastest-growing nationwide women's real estate network), Jen has impacted the lives of over 2,000 aspiring and professional women real estate investors. Jen has been honored with the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) award "Women who Rock 2020 in Los Angeles". Her influence as a capital raising strategist, while mentoring women to develop high-performance skills in real estate, earned her two consecutive nominations as Corporate Advocate and Rising Star at the 2016-17 Women's Summit led by Los Angeles Business Journal.

Jen's skills allow her to discover hidden performance assets, untapped markets, and creative ways of identifying opportunities. In today's competitive real estate markets, Jen has consistently found opportunities that net 10 - 20% returns for her investors. Currently, she is developing multi-units with her partners and actively developing affordable housing for veterans.


[00:0102:28] Opening Segment

  • I introduce and welcome our guest, Jennifer Maldonado
  • What's keeping Jen busy these days

[02:2911:11] Jen's Story

  • Jen talks about her background
  • Her career in the corporate world as an industrial engineer
  • Following her heart and dream

[11:1223:24] Exiting Corporate America 

  • Dealing with what her parents wanted for her
  • The process of acquiring self-realization
  • The ability to reconcile with failure

[23:2540:29] The Transition

  • Jen shares how she stumbled upon real estate
  • Jen talks about her journey to real estate investing
  • Leveraging her experience as an industrial engineer

[40:3050:10] Capital Raising

  • How capital raising became Jen's bread and butter
  • Understanding people
  • The skills needed to be a capital raiser

[50:11 - 59:43] The Contrarian 3-Pack

  • What would you say is the most contrarian investment you've made?
  • Investing in non-performing notes
  • What's your favorite activity to do with your friends and family outside of work?
  • I love traveling
  • What actions, whether within work or family, offer you the most fulfillment in life?
  • Hearing the stories of the people you've helped, influenced, and made a positive impact on their lives
  • Get in touch with Jen. See the links below.



Tweetable Quotes:

"I don't want to do something that I'm not passionate about." – Jennifer Maldonado

"I needed to make peace with failure, right? Understanding that failure is an option. However, you don't fail if you are taking what you have learned and you go and do it again." – Jennifer Maldonado

"People are so afraid of failure that they just say, I'm not gonna do this because this is gonna be too painful." – Jennifer Maldonado


Resources Mentioned:


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