Episode 43

Published on:

19th Jul 2021

Turning Lack Of Focus Into A Superpower To Build Successful Businesses

Anthony Vicino is a best-selling author, real estate investor, and serial entrepreneur committed to helping people maximize their Return on Life. He co-founded Invictus Capital, a multifamily acquisition firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota with $15 million in assets under management that provides busy working professionals with the opportunity to invest better.

He firmly believes investing shouldn't be complicated, scary, or overwhelming. That’s why he and his co-founder, Dan Krueger, regularly releases bite-sized information about multifamily investing in their podcast, Multifamily Investing Made Simple. Anthony is also the author of Passive Investing Made Simple. 

[00:0104:11] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Anthony Vicino
  • Working in a vertically integrated firm

[04:1209:40] A Person’s Most Valuable Currency 

  • The most valuable currency according to Anthony 
  • This is not the worst advice ever… 
  • Anthony looks back to his journey to multifamily investing 

[09:4119:19] From Lack of Focus to Having Power 

  • Turning lack of focus into a superpower
  • Anthony tells us how 
  • How to monetize your creativity 
  • Anthony realized he needed to be “arrogant” 
  • Here’s what he learned 

[19:2029:22] Building Successful Businesses  

  • Can you earn passive income from books?
  • Why you should create evergreen content
  • Whoever’s closest to the consumer wins 
  • Anthony explains 

[29:2339:11] Creating and Storytelling 

  • How to present yourself to your target market 
  • What young people should learn about doing what they want to do 
  • Anthony shares how he generates cash flow today 

[39:1242:29] The Contrarian 3-Pack

  • What would you say is the most contrarian investment you've made? 
  • His investment in his very first business 
  • What's your favorite activity to do with your friends and family outside of work?
  • Playing tennis and chess
  • Reading
  • What offers you the most fulfillment in life?
  • Creating and bringing something into reality 
  • Connect with Anthony. Links available below.

Tweetable Quotes:

"Creativity, for me, is the ability to take two or more pieces of disconnected information and apply them together in new, novel functional ways." – Anthony Vicino

"You have to have enough arrogance to keep pushing forward despite how much you suck." – Anthony Vicino

You can email anthony@invictusmultifamily.com to connect with Anthony or follow him on LinkedIn and Instagram. Check out Invictus Capital and their YouTube and LinkedIn pages to invest passively in multifamily with less risk, better returns, and zero hassle. 

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