Episode 11

Published on:

7th Dec 2020

Traveling To 96 Countries Through Lifestyle Design and Passive Income - Maurice Philogene

Maurice Philogene is a Senior Executive, Real Estate Investor, Restaurant Owner, World Explorer of 96 Countries, Public Servant (Federal Agent & Police Officer), and Philanthropist. His passion is to serve clients in the consulting space and help hardworking professionals achieve the five freedoms - Financial Freedom via passive income, Freedom of Time, Geographic Freedom, Freedom of Relationships, and Purpose - all through multi-family investing and lifestyle design. Maurice acquires multi-family properties to generate passive income and build a legacy. His shift towards lifestyle design has started - living how, where, and in what way he wants to live - all while helping people along the way. He intends to move and live in the Mediterranean Region or spend a significant amount of time there as his new base.

[00:0104:12] Opening Segment

  • I introduce and welcome the guest, Maurice Philogene
  • Maurice talks about the BIG THING happening for him right now

[04:1228:24] Maurice’s Story

  • Maurice talks about how it all started
  • Growing up as an immigrant kid (his family is from Haiti)
  • Worked for an accounting firm straight out of college (Now on his 23rd year with Accenture)
  • How his real estate journey started
  • Juggling between real estate and corporate America
  • Reaching financial freedom
  • The essence of time
  • Hustling with a purpose
  • Create more time by creating passive income

[28:2434:10] Control Your Time and Mobility

  • Hear Maurice’s advice on how you can better define your w-2 career and control your time and mobility.
  • “Ask a better question. And ask for forgiveness, not permission.”

[34:1146:59] Traveling To 96 Countries

  • Traveling to 96 countries through lifestyle design and passive income
  • Maurice talks about his experiences from traveling around the world and why he does it.
  • The impact of his lifestyle on his kids
  • “I want them to understand that the world has value beyond these commercial things that we tend to value.”

[47:0054:05] The Contrarian 3-Pack

  • What would you say is the most contrarian investment you’ve ever made?
  • “I fell forward and failed forward going after condominium foreclosures in DC.”
  • What’s your favorite activity to do with your friends and family outside of work?
  • Playing monopoly with the kids and teaching them about business and investments.
  • What actions, whether within work or family, offer you the most fulfillment in life?
  • “Giving back in meaningful ways.”
  • Connect with Maurice. See the links below.


Tweetable Quotes:

“Time is everything. Time is the only real asset that we have in life.” – Maurice Philogene

“If you have a purpose behind your hustle, chances are you’ll have a better opportunity of actually making the end line that you set for yourself.” – Maurice Philogene

“Travel is the constant learning piece.” – Maurice Philogene 

“I want to use my time in a more meaningful way.” – Maurice Philogene


Resources Mentioned:


Connect with Maurice on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. For more information about investment opportunities, visit Quattro Capital’s website at https://www.thequattroway.com/.


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